World Federation of Orthodontics Membership Benefits

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World Federation of Orthodontists

A graduate of the University of Detroit School of Dentistry, William Fay, DDS, owns and operates an orthodontic practice in South San Francisco. As an orthodontist, William Fay, DDS, maintains affiliation with the World Federation of Orthodontists.

Organized in 1995 by the International Orthodontic Congress, the World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO) promotes the practice of orthodontics around the world by encouraging higher standards in practice, training, and certification as well as undertaking research. The federation is associated with more than 100 organizations and has more than 9,000 fellows around the world.

Members receive benefits such as free subscriptions to the Journal of the World Federation of Orthodontics, which keeps members apprised of industry advancements and research. Members also have the right to use the WFO logo in advertisements and promotions and are listed in the online membership directory for the WFO, which helps potential clients find them.