AAO Annual Session Scheduled for April 2017

American Association of Orthodontists pic
American Association of Orthodontists
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William Fay, DDS, owns and operates an independent orthodontic practice in San Francisco, California. Educated at the University of Detroit School of Dentistry, William Fay, DDS, remains current in his field as a member of the American Association of Orthodontists.

In 2017, the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) will hold its annual session in San Diego, California. The event will take place from April 21 through April 25 at the San Diego Convention Center and will feature scientific lectures for doctors as well as members of practice staff. The program also includes the presentation of the Hellman, Sicer, and Graber Awards and the Charley Schultz Resident Scholar Awards, all of which select winners in early 2017.

Attendees also have the opportunity to visit table clinic, oral research, and e-poster sessions, which event organizers select from a pool of applicants. Other session events include the international members reception and the AAO Orthodontic Residents Reception, as well as the April 22 opening ceremonies with country music entertainer Martina McBride. The session will also welcome attendees to The Celebration, a gala event that features award-winning dance band The Zippers.


How Braces Move Teeth

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As founder of an orthodontic practice in South San Francisco, California, William Fay, DDS, assesses and designs treatment for each of his patients. William Fay, DDS, formulates his decisions based on patient information and an in-depth understanding of how braces work.

Each tooth attaches to the jawbone at the root, where connective tissue provides structural stability. Orthodontics can manipulate the position of the tooth by exerting a gentle force on the crown of a tooth via an attached bracket.

This force then travels down the tooth to its root, where the periodontal ligament stretches in response to the new load. The adjacent bone senses the additional pressure and begins the creation of osteoclasts, which break down the bone in order to restore normal pressure levels.

Meanwhile, the bone surrounding the opposite side of the tooth feels the pulling tension also generated by the movement. This tension prompts the development of osteoblasts, specialized cells responsible for bone generation. The resultant new bone fills in the spaces that occur as a result of osteoclasts’ breaking down of the bone.

Shifting of the tooth occurs gradually. Bone begins to change its structure within one to two weeks of an orthodontist’s adjusting of the brace material. Once the bone has changed, the tooth settles into this new position over the course of just a few weeks.

AAO Features Orthodontic Products and Programs During Annual Session

ADA American Dental Association
ADA American Dental Association


A graduate of University of Detroit School of Dentistry, William Fay DDS pursued a career in dentistry after serving in the United States Air Force. In his orthodontic practice, he offers clients from different economic backgrounds flexible payment options. William Fay DDS also serves as a member of the American Association of Orthodontists.

The American Association of Orthodontists, established in 1900, is acknowledged as the oldest organization of practicing orthodontists in America and Canada. With over 18,000 members, it is also the largest group of orthodontists organized professionally. Since its inception, AAO has aimed to advance the science of orthodontics, improve public oral health care, and support its members in their practices.

In 2017, AAO will be holding its Annual Session – a gathering featuring orthodontic innovations and products from all over the world. The event also has a scheduled doctor’s scientific program, which will cover topics such as Mega Trends for Doctors as well as Ortho Team, Accelerated Tooth Movement, and Craniofacial Care.

The 2017 AAO Annual Session will be held on April 21-25 in San Diego.

ADA Launches Credentialing Service

American Dental Association pic
American Dental Association
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Orthodontist William Fay, DDS, sees patients in offices in South San Francisco and American Canyon, California. In addition to several other professional organizations, William Fay, DDS, belongs to the American Dental Association (ADA).

The ADA recently announced a partnership with Wonderbox Technologies to launch a proprietary credentialing service.

The service will facilitate easy credentialing information by enabling dentists across the country to enter their information into the ADA’s database, where it can be accessed at any time by various health care payers. This effort is put in place to reduce the workload for payer networks by eliminating the need to fill out lengthy paper applications for providers.

A separate Web address will be given to payers, employers, hospitals, and third-party administrators, so they can each have their own portal to access the ADA Credentialing Service. The versatility of this database also does away with the burden of having to individually contact and follow-up with dentists in an effort to grant them credentials. The ADA says that its service will provide information that normally would have taken weeks to obtain in a matter of mere minutes.

Orthodontics for Older Adults



World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO) Image: wfo.org
World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO)
Image: wfo.org

William Fay, DDS is a cosmetic orthodontist with more than two decades of experience. As a well-established professional in the San Francisco Bay Area, he treats more than 200 patients a year. William Fay, DDS is also a member of the World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO).

In the most recent edition of the quarterly newsletter for WFO members, Jorge Faber, editor-in-chief of the Journal of the World Federation of Orthodontists, talked about the impact that orthodontists can have on older adult’s lives. Orthodontics has traditionally been viewed as a service that benefits teenagers and young adults. During these formative periods, many people are keen to make a positive impression on others and to present the best physical version of themselves to the world. However, Dr. Faber believes that as life expectancy increases around the globe, the face of orthodontics is changing.

In his piece for the WFO Gazette, Dr. Faber pointed out that older people are increasingly seeking more orthodontic treatment worldwide. Outside of aesthetic applications, orthodontists have the ability to help alleviate breathing problems and improve teeth and jaw function. There are significant implications here for individuals who find that, as they age, breathing and eating become difficult activities.

To learn more about how orthodontics can benefit older adults, see Vol. 21 – Issue 1 of the WFO Gazette here: www.wfo.org/news/gazettes.

American Association of Orthodontists Warns Against DIY Orthodontics

American Association of Orthodontists pic
American Association of Orthodontists
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William Fay, DDS, helps his patients achieve the straight, healthy smiles of their dreams as an orthodontist in the San Francisco, California, area. To further his skills and keep apprised of new developments in his field, William Fay, DDS, is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists.

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) is the world’s first and largest professional network of orthodontists. Its members are dedicated to advancing the profession as a whole and are constantly improving the state of orthodontic care for patients.

An American college student recently achieved some level of internet fame after showing off his DIY orthodontic solution. The young man 3-D printed his own series of clear aligners and gradually fixed his own teeth for very little cost.

Due to the popularity of his videos, the AAO has issued yet another warning to the public regarding the danger of playing around with orthodontics. Attempting to fix one’s own teeth, whether via 3D printed equipment, bent paperclips, or other amateur methods, comes with serious risks. These DIY methods can cause irreparable damage, often making it impossible for medical professionals to fix the problem later on.

Staff Education at the American Association of Orthodontists

American Association of Orthodontists pic
American Association of Orthodontists
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An orthodontist based in the San Francisco Bay Area, William Fay, DDS, operates two private practice locations, in American Canyon and South San Francisco. Augmenting his work as a practicing orthodontist, William Fay, DDS, is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists.

A professional organization dedicated to serving the needs of orthodontists, the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) offers a number of resources for orthodontic staff education. Through the Orthodontic Staff Club, AAO enables administrative personnel and orthodontic assistants to participate in an active professional community. Benefits of membership in the AAO Orthodontic Staff Club include free subscriptions to online lectures and newsletters, registration fee discounts for the AAO Annual Session, and access to the AAO Communities Orthodontic Staff discussion group.

In addition to the Orthodontic Staff Club, AAO offers a Voluntary Certification Program for clinical assistants. Designed for staff members who demonstrate proficiency in and knowledge of orthodontics, the program grants members the designation of Specialized Orthodontic Assistant, or SOA.