Contouring the Body with Curvature

A highly experienced orthodontist, William Fay, DDS, helps correct tooth and jaw-related problems at his private practice. Additionally, William Fay, DDS, co-founded MIBI, a company that provides products designed to help people achieve the physical look they desire. One of these products is Curvature.

Curvature’s many benefits include helping people get a curvier look. During treatment, a professional injects the product into the body in the areas the individual wants to enhance. It may serve as an alternative to breast implants, for instance. Additionally, people can use Curvature to get a look similar to that provided by gluteal implants but without the level of risk of complications that typically accompanies that type of surgical procedure.

Another advantage of Curvature is its precision and ability to be adapted to different people’s unique situations. For example, people can use Curvature to even out different-sized breasts or to correct defects caused by certain types of surgeries. For example, women attempting to reconstruct the original appearance of the breasts after cancer treatments can benefit from the product. Additionally, it requires minimal downtime, unlike surgery. People can receive Curvature treatments in an office and return to their regular activities much more quickly than from a more evasive procedure. Finally, since the procedure can be reversed, people may feel greater peace of mind by choosing Curvature.


Published by

William Fay DDS.

Possessing dental offices in South San Francisco, American Canyon, and Mountain View, California, William Fay, DDS, serves as a leading figure in orthodontic care throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Fay draws on four decades of experience in the dental field. He continues to advance his knowledge of the field, staying up to date on the latest techniques and technologies. Most recently, Dr. William Fay has embraced the use of the In-Ovation-C system braces, which gently straightens teeth. As a result, treatment is generally quicker, requires fewer office visits, and allows patients to smile confidently, even during treatment. In order to ensure that every patient receives high-quality care, regardless of their financial status, William Fay, DDS, offers convenient payment plans with little or no interest. He gives patients the opportunity to express what kind of payments they can afford to make each month, then does his best to accommodate those needs. In extreme circumstances, Dr. Fay has even offered treatments at no cost to the patient. Passionate about helping those in need, he makes sure anyone who wants top quality orthodontic care is able to receive it. In addition to his professional endeavors, Dr. William Fay serves as Director of Pacific Advisors, a San Francisco-based real estate group. He oversees all operations at the firm, which focuses on commercial and industrial real estate throughout California. He has also been Vice President of the San Francisco Planning Commission, a team of seven consultants charged with planning community development in San Francisco. In this role, he worked directly with the Mayor and City Council on various community issues, including transportation, land use, and neighborhood planning.

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