Food and Hygiene Tips for Patients with Braces

An orthodontist for over two decades, William Fay, DDS, maintains two private practices in the Bay Area. With a focus on cosmetic orthodontics and self-ligating braces, William Fay, DDS, works with patients to discreetly correct alignment problems and achieve beautiful and aesthetic results. Hi is also a cofounder of medical aesthetic company MIBA Medical, Inc.

Self-ligating braces can correct a wide range of alignment issues without the use of elastic bands, but as with all dental equipment, they still require care to avoid tooth decay. It is common knowledge that a healthy diet consists of plenty of fruits and natural grains, but there are a few caveats for people with braces to consider.

Although citrus are great source of vitamins and natural sugars, research shows that lemon juice and grapefruit juice are both highly acidic and can erode tooth enamel. Orange juice ranked the least acidic in the study, but experts still recommend brushing and flossing after each serving. Red and white wines are also slightly acidic and have the added side effect of drying out the mouth and possibly staining teeth.

For grains, avoid firm breads such as bagels or pizza crust, which can dislodge brackets with enough force. Chewing gum can help remove food deposits from hard-to-reach areas, but it will be a bigger liability if it becomes lodged in between brackets and corrective wiring. To avoid this, sugar-free gum fortified with xylitol, which is less sticky and can remove food particles while preventing cavities, can be a good option for individual with braces.

Always discuss any concerns with your dental care provider.


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William Fay DDS.

Possessing dental offices in South San Francisco, American Canyon, and Mountain View, California, William Fay, DDS, serves as a leading figure in orthodontic care throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Fay draws on four decades of experience in the dental field. He continues to advance his knowledge of the field, staying up to date on the latest techniques and technologies. Most recently, Dr. William Fay has embraced the use of the In-Ovation-C system braces, which gently straightens teeth. As a result, treatment is generally quicker, requires fewer office visits, and allows patients to smile confidently, even during treatment. In order to ensure that every patient receives high-quality care, regardless of their financial status, William Fay, DDS, offers convenient payment plans with little or no interest. He gives patients the opportunity to express what kind of payments they can afford to make each month, then does his best to accommodate those needs. In extreme circumstances, Dr. Fay has even offered treatments at no cost to the patient. Passionate about helping those in need, he makes sure anyone who wants top quality orthodontic care is able to receive it. In addition to his professional endeavors, Dr. William Fay serves as Director of Pacific Advisors, a San Francisco-based real estate group. He oversees all operations at the firm, which focuses on commercial and industrial real estate throughout California. He has also been Vice President of the San Francisco Planning Commission, a team of seven consultants charged with planning community development in San Francisco. In this role, he worked directly with the Mayor and City Council on various community issues, including transportation, land use, and neighborhood planning.

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